Boston Transducers '03
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Short Course 2

Introduction to MEMS and Micromachining Technology
Instructors: Carol Livermore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and Reza Ghodssi from the University of Maryland, USA

MEMS fabrication techniques enable the creation of a variety of devices from a broad range of materials systems. This short course will cover MEMS-specific fabrication techniques, including surface and bulk micromachining, patterning techniques, wafer bonding, and MEMS process design.

The discussion of surface and bulk micromachining will include specific techniques (i.e. structure release, DRIE, bulk wet etching, etch stops, plated structures), along with nonidealities, typical problems, and the impact of various parameters on the final result.

Techniques for patterning complex three dimensional structures will be presented, including masking materials, nested masks, and shadow masking.

The discussion of wafer bonding will include different types of bonding (silicon fusion, anodic, eutectic, ther-mocompression), requirements to achieve bonding, characterization of bond quality, and special appli-cations like packaging or vacuum sealing.

The discussions on MEMS and micromachining technology will also address both device and process design, with an emphasis on packaging, materials, and pro-cess compatibility issues for various device and system applications.