Boston Transducers '03
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Short Course 3

Analog Circuit Design for Sensor Interfaces
Instructor: Willy Sansen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, BELGIUM

This course is aimed at designers of analogue circuits who have already some experience. It focusses on systematic approaches of design tasks for sensor interface circuits. The emphasis is on amplifiers for resistive and capacitive sources with low offset, noise, power consumption, etc. It handles both technologies MOST and bipolar strictly in parallel.

The course contains five lectures (of 1.25 hour) for a full day. Most material is taken from the Laker- Sansen book (MacGrawHill, 1994).
  • 00. Introduction on sensor interfaces (short)
  • 01. Simple MOST and bipolar-transistor models for elementary circuit blocks
  • 02. Noise performance of elementary transistor stages for resistive and capacitive source impedances
  • 03. Systematic design of operational amplifiers for low power consumption
  • 04. Important single- and fully-differential opamp configurations
  • 05. Offset and CMRR; random and systematic