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Short Course 6

BioMEMS (Biomedical Microelectromechanical Systems)
Instructor: Dorian Liepmann, University of California at Berkeley, USA

Course objective: First objective of this course is to build basic foundation for understanding of mechanisms on microscale electrical, mechanical, chemical, and optical transducers in the context of biomedical applications. Second objective is to teach critical thinking in microengineering design issues, biomaterial compatibility, working in biofluidic circuits, cellular interaction at the interface, and other bioengineering considerations. Third objective is to review current biomedical applications of MEMS (BioMEMS) activities along with the examination of the viability of nano-scale devices and BioMEMS technology in a particular biomedical application.

Intended audience: This course is designed for technical staffs, engineers, technicians, managers, and sales professionals in the biotechnology, equipment, and medical industries. Individuals who want to understand BioMEMS and micro- and nanoscale bioengineering will benefit from this course. A basic understanding of biological and physical science is recommended.

Prerequisites: BS in engineering/biology/chemistry/physics, equivalent practical experience, or consent of instructor.

Upon completing this course participants should be able to: Understand basic understanding of functions, issues, needs, trends, and roadmaps of BioMEMS and critical thinking in microengineering design issues and biofluidic circuits for biotechnology as well as the importance in nano-scale surface controls in BioMEMS and tissue engineering applications.

Instructional methods to be used: It is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of BioMEMS, without the lengthy advanced mathematics or the details of biochemistry usually associated with traditional microdevice physics and biotechnology courses.