Boston Transducers '03
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Conference Scope
Executive Committee
Technical Committee

Executive Committee
General Conference Chairman
G. Benjamin Hocker, Honeywell Laboratories, USA

Technical Program Chairman
Roger T. Howe, University of California Berkeley, USA

Local Arrangements Co-Chairs
Stephen D. Senturia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Mike Judy, Analog Devices, USA

Finance Chairman
Joseph M. Giachino, University of Michigan, USA

Publication Chairman
Albert P. Pisano, University of California Berkeley, USA

Short Course Chairman
Leland "Chip" Spangler, Aspen Technologies, USA

Promotion Chairman
Chang-Jin "C. J." Kim, University of California Los Angeles, USA

Development Chairman
Roger Grace, Roger Grace Associates, USA

Conference Coordinator
Katharine K. Cline, Preferred Meeting Management, Inc., USA