Boston Transducers '03
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Conference Scope
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Conference Scope

Research in solid-state sensors, actuators and microsystems is highly multi-disciplinary, with participants from universities, industry, and government laboratories, and from many diverse fields including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, biology and biomedical engineering, optics, and microelectronics.

Transducers '03 will include four days of presentations covering:
  • Advances in Materials and Technologies for Microfabrication
  • Physical, Chemical and Biological Sensors
  • Micro-Analysis Systems
  • Microactuators
  • Microfluidic Devices and Systems
  • Optical MEMS
  • Nanotechnology for Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems
  • Micropackaging
  • Interface Electronics
  • Microdevice Modeling and CAD
  • Wireless Sensor Networks