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Title: Piezoelectric Materials and Applications
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Overview of Kaoru Yamashita's lecture:

Title: Preparation of Piezoelectric Thin Film and Their Sensor Applications

Piezoelelectric thin films are very important to fabricate various MEMS sensors and actuators. Preparation methods and basic properties of the piezoelectric thin films are reviewed and their typical applications to the sensors are introduced.

Overview of Isaku Kanno's lecture:

Title: Sputtering Deposition of PZT Thin Films and Their Microactuator Applications

Piezoelectric MEMS devices have attracted attention in recent years. To realize piezoelectric microdevices, the following issues should be solved; deposition of high-quality piezoelectric thin films and the evaluation of the piezoelectric properties of thin films. In this course, I would like to focus on the development of piezoelectric microactuators, and talk about the topics of the sputtering deposition of PZT thin films and the piezoelectric characteristics of them.

Overview of Jong-Uk Bu's lecture:

Ferroelectric thin films having a high piezoelectric constant or a high dielectric constant, have been investigated in order to utilize in the fabrication of various microelectronics devices. Among widely used driving forces in MEMS devices, piezoelectric force using thin film is accepted as one of the attractive approaches due to the many advantages, such as low operating voltage, large force and low power consumption. However, incorporating piezoelectric thin films such as PZT thin film into the microfabrication process is quite difficult due to the delicate chemical nature, adhesion and etching problems. To develop useful integrated MEMS devices using piezoelectric force, the process stability and new ideas are required.

In this presentation, the applications of piezoelectric thin films(mostly PZT thin film) in MEMS devices performed by the presenter during the past decade will be shortly presented and discussed.

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