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4000 Centregreen Way, Suite 190
Cary, NC 27513 USA
phone: 1-919-854-7500
fax: 1-919-854-7501

Booth 2 and Plaza Court 2

Coventor, Inc. is the leading worldwide provider of 3-D simulation, analysis and design automation software for the development of micro- and nano-scale devices and systems. The CoventorWare MEMS software suite is the industry software standard in MEMS product development, with an extensive customer base spanning from the top 10 MEMS manufacturing companies to small laboratories around the world. SEMulator3D emulates Silicon processing in software, allowing you to fabricate your device in a virtual 3D environment. Reduces your process development/integration costs by finding problems in a virtual 3D environment before fabrication. Enhances communication in the fab with highly detailed, interactive 3D models. At the 2009 Transducers conference in Denver, Coventor will be introducing the next generation MEMS + IC design software. If you have not done so already, please contact us and arrange to see what's next.

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