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University of Colorado
Department of Mechanical Engineering
iMINT Center
427 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309 USA
phone: 1-303-492-5808
fax: 1-303-492-7990

Booth 45

iMINT researchers conduct research to establish science and technology to facilitate the successful integration of nanowire/nanotube/graphene-enabled microsystems with repeatable, predictable, and reliable performance. A few examples of the research projects are: 1) GaN nanowire-based resonator with Q>10,000 (10X higher than Q's of other nanowires); 2) defect free GaN nanowires grown on silicon for high efficiency LED and MESFET; 3) MEMS-based universal testing platform to characterize RF performance (> 40GHz) of nanowire/nanotube/graphene under loadings; 4) graphene demonstrated as the strongest material ever measured and use of graphene as mechanical resonators; 5) growth, fabrication and characterization of chemically modified graphene; 6) atomic layer deposition/molecular layer deposition for a moisture barrier coating with the highest mechanical toughness; 7) nano-scaled hermetic sealing of polymer packages; and 8) thermal ground plane with effective thermal conductivity 100X higher than copper's.

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