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Primaxx Inc.
7377 William Avenue, Suite 800
Allentown, PA 18106 USA
phone: 1-610-336-0314
fax: 1-610-336-0455

Booth 36

Primaxx is the world leader in stiction-free, reduced pressure MEMS dry etch release, where etching of sacrificial silicon oxide takes place in the gas phase. Although there are many potential MEMS applications that benefit from stiction-free release using the Primaxx process, it is practically a requirement for high yield processing of inertial sensors, mirror arrays and micro-actuators. With an in-house Process Engineering knowledge base second to none, the Primaxx second generation product line meets wide ranging process needs from R&D to low, mid and high volume production. Headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Primaxx maintains sales and support centers in the United States, Europe and Asia through its worldwide distribution relationship with parent company Sumitomo Precision Products Co Ltd (SPP) of Japan and affiliate Surface Technology Systems PLC (STS), another SPP subsidiary.

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