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Xactix, Inc.
2403 Sidney Street, Suite 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15203 USA
phone: 1-412-331-3195
fax: 1-412-381-1134

Booth 14

XACTIX is the manufacturer of the Xetch® xenon difluoride (XeF2) etching systems with many different models to support small labs through high volume production. These dry isotropic etching tools are used to etch silicon, molybdenum and germanium and are popular in the MEMS community due to high selectivity versus many standard films including photoresist, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, and aluminum. The Xetch® systems are particularly well suited for release, but are certainly not limited to MEMS applications and are useful for many applications where highly selective isotropic silicon, molybdenum and germanium etching is required. XACTIX also provides XeF2 etching services.

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