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ETH Zurich
Micro and Nanosystems
8092 Zurich
email: admin@micro.mavt.ethz.ch

ETH Zurich, Switzerland, is one of the leading international universities for technologies and natural sciences. Micro and nano technologies are an important part of ETH Zurich's research and teaching portfolio. The backbone of the respective research infrastructure are two major cleanroom facilities, covering silicon and MEMS processes, compound semiconductors, polymer materials, and processes for carbon and other 1D and 2D crystalline structures. One of these technology platforms is the Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center, which has been established jointly with IBM Research at Rüschlikon. ETH Zurich offers graduate programs for more than 9000 graduate students, of which approximately 4000 are PhD students. A specialized Master Program in Micro and Nanosystems - one of more than 40 Master programs at ETH Zurich, hosted jointly by the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering and the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, offers a transdisciplinary education for graduate students, who wish to focus on relevant topics in the emerging field of transducers, sensor systems, and new functional materials and integration.

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