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Silex Microsystems, Inc.
9 Hamilton Place #300
Boston, MA 02116 USA
phone: 1-617-834-7197
email: info@silex.se

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Silex Microsystems is the World's #1 Pure Play MEMS Foundry; we bring advanced process technologies and manufacturing capacity to a wide range of high-tech companies. Currently Silex operates two state-of-the-art MEMS fabs with 6" and 8" wafer sizes respectively. We serve customers in a wide range of application areas, such as: automotive, medical/biotech, consumer electronics and more. Among the sensors manufactured for our customers are: pressure sensors, accelerometers, gyros, drug delivery devices, biochips, switches, etc. Silex is also well recognized as a world leader in through wafer via technology and multiple bonding processes that enable wafer level packaging of MEMS and CMOS.

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