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Coventor, Inc.
1000 CentreGreen Way, Suite 200
Cary, NC 27513 USA
phone: +1-919-854-7500
fax: +1-919-869-1472

Booth 31

Coventor, Inc. is the global market leader in design automation solutions for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and virtual fabrication of MEMS and semiconductor devices. We serve a worldwide customer base of integrated device manufacturers, fabless design houses, independent foundries, and R&D organizations that develop MEMS-based products.

Coventor's unique and powerful platform for MEMS-based design, simulation, and verification addresses MEMS-specific engineering challenges such as multi-physics interactions, process variations, MEMS+IC integration, and MEMS+package interactions. Our platform is applicable to a wide range of MEMS devices, including inertial sensors, microphones, pressure sensors, micro mirrors, acoustic resonators and many other types of sensors and actuators. Using our platform, engineers are able to accurately model the behavior of MEMS designs prior to device fabrication and testing. In a few hours or days, they can model or simulate effects that would have taken months of building and testing in the fab. Complex design and manufacturing issues can be studied that are not practical with conventional analysis tools, and without the effort of creating custom models.

Our software tools and expertise enable our customers to simulate and optimize their fabrication processes and device designs, improving the efficiency of their development cycles and shortening their time to market.

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