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1-1, Showa-cho, Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture
Kariya, 448-8661 JAPAN
phone: +81 120-087-413

At DENSO, we work to improve the three basic functions of the automobile: moving, turning, and stopping. In addition, we strive to enhance the driving experience for people worldwide. This means minimizing the adverse effects of vehicles, such as environmental degradation and traffic accidents, while providing the convenience, the comfort, and the other benefits of motor transport. As a leading automotive supplier, we strive to help shape a world where people, the environment, and cars coexist in harmony. We are an automotive industry leader in R&D spending, allocating approximately 9 percent of our revenue to research and development. In 2015, this totaled 399.3 billion yen (US$3.5billion). This supports the work of our engineers who, day after day, conduct R&D and product design at our technical centers around the world.

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