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Sensortek Technology Corp.
6F-8, No. 5 Tai Yuen 1st Street
Chu-Beei City, 302 TAIWAN
phone: +886-3-5601000
fax: +886-3-5601234

Sensortek released a full series of sensor chips. In addition to promoting the first ambient light sensor chip with minimum power dissipation (ambient light sensor), and the sensor chip for range (proximity sensor) as main products, Sensortek also released products such as the first accelerometer based on microelectromechanical systems that pass a 20-kg impact test (MEMS accelerometer). These products are widely used in diverse applications, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, and some other consumer electronics. Through the collaborative experience with internationally renowned factories on smartphones and tablets, as well as strong research and development abilities, along with the management of wafer production and supply chains, Sensortek continues to provide excellent products and services to clients. Sensortek creates the maximum values for clients, and it has earned the satisfaction and recognition from clients around the world.

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