Authors » Paper Topics

This year, we will have all prospective authors of Transducers 2021 submit manuscript styled papers (4 pages in length) that will be directly placed in the technical digest. Please follow the template provided.
  1. Packaging & Solid-state Materials and Fabrication Processes
    Examples: New fabrication process flows and parameter studies for solid-state material integration, fabrication, packaging and encapsulation (liquid or vacuum); 3D MEMS integration; High aspect ratio vias (TSVs) for devices and packaging; wafer bonding; Modeling and characterization of materials and fabrication processes.

  2. Nanoscale Materials and Fabrication
    Examples: Materials with new intrinsic properties for transducers, 1D and 2D materials; Device concepts enabled by nanoscale phenomena; Fabrication process flows, characterization, and integration of nanostructured materials; Modeling and characterization of nanoscale materials and fabrication processes.

  3. Composite Materials, Polymers, and Fabrication Processes
    Examples: Materials with new intrinsic properties, soft, elastic, stretchable or large area devices, such as devices in or on polymers, paper or fabrics, respective devices and fabrication process flows; Functional polymers, nanoparticle filled polymers. Modeling and characterization of composite and polymer materials including drift, reliability and aging.

  4. Microfluidics Platform Technologies
    Examples: Technologies, devices, and systems for manipulation of fluids, particles, and droplets; acousto-fluidics, opto-fluidics. Modeling and characterization of microfluidics platform technologies.

  5. Chemical Sensors and Microsystems
    Examples: Liquid and gas phase sensing, air quality, pollution sensor, particle and pollen sensors, water quality, safety sensors, and micro-scale chemical analysis systems; sensor platforms for environmental sensing; Modeling and characterization of chemical sensors and microsystems.

  6. Bio-Sensors and Microsystems including in-vitro Medical Applications
    Examples: Devices and instruments for in vitro measurement and handling of biological samples and bio markers; Medical diagnostics; Tools for therapeutic and vaccine discovery, development, and optimization; Modeling and characterization of bio-sensors, medical instruments, and microsystems.

  7. Wearable and In-vivo Medical Devices and Microsystems
    Examples: Devices and instruments for in vivo measurements, such as implantable devices and transducers, drug delivery systems, micro device/system for clinical use; biodegradable in vivo transducers, transient smart implantable MEMS; Modeling and characterization of wearable and in-vivo medical devices and microsystems.

  8. Physical Sensors and Microsystems
    Examples: Pressure, inertial, force, thermal, magnetic, acoustic, seismic, particle detection; Imaging systems based on physical sensors; Physical sensors to enable internet-of-things; Wearable physical micro sensors and systems; Theory, design, and modeling advances in physical sensors and systems.

  9. Energy, Power and Thermal Management
    Examples: Microsystems and technologies for energy conversion, storage, and management; energy harvesting; micro/nano enhanced solar cells; thermal, mechanical, triboelectric conversion; Zero Power Sensors; Modeling and characterization of energy, power and thermal management systems.

  10. RF MEMS, Resonators and Oscillators
    Examples: RF resonators (SAW, BAW, etc.), oscillators, clocks, filters, switches, tunable power dividers, phase shifters, circulators, micro relays; Modeling and characterization of RF devices and microsystems.

  11. Optical and Atomic Transducers
    Examples: Micro spectrometers, SPR based sensors, silicon photonics, fiber- based systems, plasmonic devices, integrated optics, micromirrors and LiDAR systems, tunable soft lenses; metamaterial-based transducers; optical resonators and clocks; atomic sensors; high performance infrared, visible, X-ray and UV sensing; Modeling and characterization of optical devices.

  12. Actuators and Microsystems
    Examples: Probe devices (AFM); Ultrasound imaging devices and systems; Acoustic transducers (CMUT, PMUT); Micro-/ nano-actuators and robots; DC switches; Modeling and characterization of actuators.