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To log in, use the email address provided in the Transducers 2021 Conference Information message (from info@transducers2021.org). Your last name is your password. Please make sure to capitalize the first letter of your Family name (example: Le Gac). Your email and password are good for two (2) devices.

Note About Presentations
All material presented at the Transducers 2021 Online Conference is the intellectual property (IP) of the presenter and may not be recorded, photographed, quoted, disseminated or transmitted by summary in any form without express written authority of the author.

Guidelines for Platforms
If you have not already done so, please download the following guidelines and read thoroughly and completely as they contain detailed information and troubleshooting tips.
EventPilot, used for all live events and video viewing, is supported on the latest versions of Chrome and Safari on your computer.

A note about EventPilot Online Planner and browser compatability:
While Google Chrome is EventPilot's preferred browser, two open-source Chrome variants on both Mac and Windows also appear to work.
  1. Brave Browser (includes a built-in AdBlocker)
  2. Chromium

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Gather.Town, used for posters and exhibits, is ONLY supported by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (Beta).