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memsstar LTD
1 Fleming Road, Kirkton Campus
Livingston, EH54 7BN UK
phone: +44-1506-243-203
fax: +44-1506-460-435
email: info@memsstar.com

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memsstar is a leading provider of etch and deposition technology supporting semiconductor and MEMS manufacturing. With a proven track record, we offer in-depth process expertise and a range of new and remanufactured etch and deposition equipment. From start to finish we provide a comprehensive range of pre and post sales services ensuring complete delivery of projects and procedures.

Our proprietary range of new generation Orbis™ platforms provide reliable, cost effective solutions for advanced processing from research, to commercial R&D and high volume manufacturing. The Orbis™ Alpha™ is a XeF2 and HF etch platform enabling the development of production-capable processes for the next MEMS generation devices within R&D. The Orbis™ 1000 is designed for low volume MEMS production facilities with automated single wafer handling and the Orbis™ 3000 is capable of high volume production providing automated wafer handling and cluster capability. Orbis™ platforms offer a seamless transfer from lab to fab and have a compact footprint.

ISO9001 Certified Manufacturing and Services.

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