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In order to celebrate the 20th edition of the Transducers Conference in 2019, the Transducers Early Career Award has been established by the Transducers International Steering Committee, and will be continued at all upcoming Transducers Conferences.

In 2019, the award is sponsored by CSEM SA, Switzerland, with prize money of 5000 USD.

This year, the trophy is sponsored by:

For the first time, the TRANSDUCERS Early Career Award will acknowledge and honor advances in the design, fabrication and/or commercialization of solid-state sensors, actuators and microsystems, which are achieved by individuals or teams. The awardees' contributions must be innovative, of high impact, and widely recognized by the transducers community. The awardees, which are not older than 35, show either high potential for a successful academic or industrial career or demonstrate entrepreneurship as founders of a start-up or early stage company.

In order to emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in the domain, the award is not limited to individuals, but teams of a maximum of three members.

Transducers International Steering Committee members nominate candidates and the Transducers Early Career Award Committee will select the winner or winning team.

Award Committee Members (2019):

Chair: Nico de Rooij

For Europa/Africa: Christofer Hierold, Juergen Brugger

For Asia/ Oceania: Weilun Fang, Shuichi Shoji

For the Americas: Tom Kenny, Victor Bright

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