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Denso Corporation
500-1, Minamiyama
Nisshin-shi, 470-0111 JAPAN
phone: +81-561-75-1111

DENSO has established its Long-term Plan for 2025, which acts as a pathway for realizing its Long-term Policy. To realize the growth targets adopted in our Long-term Plan, we are focusing on the fields of electrification, advanced safety and automated driving, and connected cars. In addition, we are working to provide new mobility value and establish factory automation and new technology for agriculture as our non-automotive businesses. In these ways, we are contributing to the improvement of industrial and social productivity. DENSO considers R&D expenditure at around 9% of revenue to be an appropriate level, and in fiscal 2018, the year ended March 31, 2018, R&D expenditure came to 447.4 billion and is expected to be 495.0 billion in fiscal 2019.

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