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17 rue des Martyrs 85x
Grenoble, 38054 FRANCE
phone: +33-43-878-4400

Leti, a technology research institute at CEA Tech, is a global leader in miniaturization technologies enabling smart, energy-efficient and secure solutions for industry. Founded in 1967, Leti pioneers micro-& nanotechnologies, tailoring differentiating applicative solutions for global companies, SMEs and startups. With a 40 years' experience in the field of MEMS, dedicated 200 mm clean-rooms and a workforce of 200 people in this field, Leti is one of the leading research institute in microsystem technologies.

For the 3rd time at Transducers, Leti will host a satellite MEMS Workshop and Networking Reception on 25 June, 6:30 pm, Estrel Congress Center, Room 4 (upstairs). During this Workshop, Leti will unveil its latest research in MEMS devices and processes. Join us to discuss the new visions, directions and paradigms for the MEMS industry. RSVP is required for this event.

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