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Spectrochip Inc.
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
No 37, Kangzhuang Street
Hsinchu, 31062 TAIWAN
phone: +886-975-620-693

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After years of research and development, The Spectrochip Inc. finally reduced the spectrometer into a chip called Spectro-Chip. Spectrometers are used in a wide range of applications to analyze material composition, measure reaction concentration changes, and more. With Spectro-Chip, our team developed a comprehensive range of spectrometer device. The accuracy of the measurement is the same as that of the hospital's main spectrometer device, but the volume is greatly reduced and the cost is greatly reduced. With the Spectral device, you can perform a full range of tests at different fields of applications. Combined with apps and web platform, you can achieve testing anytime and from anywhere. Test data and information can be uploaded to the cloud, using artificial intelligence to interpret and provide improvement advice. The successful development of the key technologies of Spectro-Chip will contribute to the improvement of all human beings and global industry.

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